The Primary Prevention Team at FVREE is passionate about creating environments where children can be their true selves and are free to explore all things that interest them in life.

Please see below a list of topics our team can deliver to your organisation or service.

  • Gender stereotypes and how to avoid them

  • Impacts of gender stereotypes on children’s learning and development

  • Breaking down gender stereotypes in your home or workplace

  • Making your service/organisation more inclusive, respectful and equitable

  • Engaging parents and caregivers in gender equity and respectful relationships

  • Gender equity action planning

  • Toys, playing and stereotypes

  • Books, reading and stereotypes

  • Language and stereotypes

  • Gift giving

  • Ways to Play (interactive workshop on play for families)

  • Building respectful relationships in the early years and schools (links to the curriculum)

  • Responding to resistance from friends, family and colleagues

  • Bystander action

  • Body safety and consent

  • Parents and caregivers

  • Health professionals working with children and families

  • Teachers and educators (early years and primary)

  • Librarians

  • Playgroup facilitators

  • Community members engaging with children and young people

FVREE is the specialist family violence service in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region. Our vision is a community free from family violence, where everyone feels safe.

Our education sessions can be tailored depending on the needs of your organisation or service. Your organisation might like to cover one or more topics during an educational session. Please get in contact with us so we can develop and tailor the most suitable education session for you. 

If there is anything missing from this list, please let us know as we will do our best to provide you with the information and support that you need. All sessions are interactive and provide helpful information and resources from Level Playground to support the audience in their day-to-day work of raising children free from gender stereotypes.

Our training package includes:

  • Delivery of training by a qualified and experienced trainer/s
  • Choice between online or face-to-face delivery
  • Links to relevant resources and information
  • Pre and post evaluation analysis

For a formal quotation or further information, please complete the following form or please contact the Primary Prevention Team on 9259 4200 // and we will be back in touch as soon as possible. 

ie) Parents and carers living in Knox