Below are some awesome activities that can be used in playgroups, at home and anywhere you want to have fun! 

Are you a playgroup facilitator looking to make sure your playgroup is promoting gender equality and challenging gender stereotypes? Are you in need of new ideas, or inspiration to create a welcoming playgroup environment?

Look no further than our brand new Level Playgroup Facilitator Resource Guide! Jam packed with information, activity suggestions and tips on setting up your playgroup space, there’s something for every playgroup facilitator – whether you’re new or whether you’ve been doing this for a while now. 

This Family Play Book is jam-packed with play ideas and fun for the whole family. There are games, creative play and sensory play activities, recipes to get kids cooking in the kitchen, book recommendations and tipsheets about gender stereotypes.

This activity is a great one to avoid gender stereotypes. The bonus is that you can create a new scavenger hunt weekly. It’s a good way to keep the children busy while promoting active play.

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