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Fostering a love of reading is crucial in the early years! Reading aloud to children supports cognitive development, language skills, concentration, and imagination. By selecting books that reinforce positive messages around gender equality, individuality, diversity and respectful relationships, you are not only giving the children at your service a solid foundation for literacy development, but also encouraging empathy and inclusion.

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Here is what is currently on our bookshelf!

Below are some tools and booklists that we use:

The Access Health Free2BeMe Book Review Tool can help you to choose books that support gender equality, embrace diversity and celebrate individuality.

Browse the Educate2Empower full collection of children’s books and resources for body safety, consent, gender equality, respectful relationships and social & emotional intelligence.

An incredible collection of books that don’t just break down stereotypes, they smash them to pieces! Books are organised into themes based on which specific stereotype they smash and we absolutely love it. 

This booklist was put together by Maroondah City Council, Knox City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, Women’s Health East and EACH. The books on the list present child characters in a way that challenges gender stereotypes and celebrates children’s individuality. 

This booklist aims to provide parents, early childhood educators and carers with a range of stories which provide broader ideas about who girls, boys, women, men and people who identify as diverse genders can be, what they can be interested in and achieve. It is important to challenge gender stereotypes to ensure children’s goals are not limited by traditional ideas about what girls and boys and women and men can do.

This booklist and collection was developed to highlight children’s books for 7-12 year olds that go beyond gender stereotypes and promote healthy, equal, respectful and positive relationships. It was developed by Eastern Regional Libraries, EDVOS, Level Playground, Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, Women’s Health East, Inspiro and EACH.

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