Early childhood educators are in a unique and important position to influence children’s growth and development. They have the capacity to create environments that encourage equal and respectful relationships, break down gender stereotypes and promote gender equality to ensure that children are not limited by outdated and harmful gendered expectations (No Limitations, WHE 2017). At Level Playground, we work with lots of educators and teachers who are passionate about gender equality and respectful relationships. After hearing from many educators and teachers, it was evident that there was a strong interest and desire to undertake this work, but unfortunately, educators often felt under-resourced and lacked the confidence in challenging gender inequality within their service. So together, we created the Gender Equity Resource Tub.

The Gender Equity Resource Tub provides early childhood educators with age-appropriate information, activities, and resources to support them in the day-to-day work of promoting gender equality and raising children free from gender stereotypes. The Gender Equity Resource Tub includes:

  • Books

  • Posters

  • Lesson plans

  • Games

  • Audit tools

  • Equipment

  • Fact sheets

All of the resources in the tub align with the National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework, Victorian Early Years Learning, and Development Framework, and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Benchmarks of the Achievement Program. These evidence-based resources have been developed in consultation with early childhood educators and experts in the field of prevention of violence against women and children.  

Early Childhood Services (childcare, kindergarten, pre-schools, long-day care, supported playgroups, etc.) can hire a Gender Equity Resource Tub for FREE for TWO terms. The tubs are currently available for Early Childhood Services located in the municipality of Yarra Ranges, Maroondah, and Knox. If your service is interested in hiring a Tub, please reach out to contact@levelplayground.org.au

Educators who have used the tub reported an increase in their…

  • Motivation to challenge gender inequality and stereotypes

  • Understanding of resources available to assist educators in gender equality work

  • Confidence in talking about gender inequality and stereotypes with parents and caregivers.