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In 2018 a number of organisations across the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne developed the “Beyond Sparkles and Superheroes Booklist”. The booklist includes picture books that present characters in a way that challenges gender stereotypes. They have been chosen as they are both enjoyable stories to read with children and because they represent a range of approaches to the topic of gender equity.

From 16 April, tune in on Thursdays at 3pm to join Realm’s storyteller extraordinaire Sarah for a fabulous ‘Beyond Sparkles and Superheroes’ LIVE storytime on the ERL facebook page, with songs, rhymes and movement activities. It will be loads of fun!

Sarah will share some wonderful picture books from the ‘Beyond Sparkles and Superheroes’ booklist. These picture books present child characters in a way that challenges gender stereotypes and celebrates individuality. Browse the booklist.

If you can’t catch the session live, all storytimes are available for watching at a later date through ERL’s webpage under Kids, and then Storytimes.

Proudly presented by Eastern Regional Libraries in partnership with Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, EACH, Women’s Health East, EDVOS, Inspiro and Level Playground.

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Pearl Fairweather

  • What does a pirate look like to you? Create pirate face, parrot and or pirate ship. You can do this by drawing, painting or using household items to be creative. Click here for more ideas and inspiration. 
  • Hide an item somewhere inside or out and write clues for your little pirates to find or play the game ‘warmer’ vs ‘colder’ if they are a little bit younger. You can make it more creative and fun by pretending they are a pirate and have to search far and wide for the treasure (under a bed, outside, in a cupboard). If older kids are joining in,  create tricky clues for them and that help them find the object/s.
  • Your little ones will love these colouring pages! We don’t often get to see images of female pirates.
  1. Pirate Colouring in sheet on treasure island
  2. Pirate Colouring in sheet

Ada Twist

  • YouTube clip reading of the book
  • The Level Playground Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Ada Twist is inquisitive and loves discovering things. This scavenger hunt will inspire your little ones to be just like Ada. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can simply just draw the items on a sheet of paper. 
  • Level Playground Colouring in Page- Scientist: Your little ones will love the colouring page! We don’t often get to see images of female scientists. This colouring page is from the Level Playground Big Dreams Colouring Book.The images in this book have been drawn by students from Ringwood Secondary School. 
  • Making bubbles is a great activity that you can do with your little ones. They get experiencing measuring out ingredients and following steps. Here are some instructions on how to make them.
  • Ada Twist Downloadables: This link has some further activities you can download and do with your children. 


Tough Guys

  • YouTube clip reading of the book
  • Emotions Hokey Pokey Song
  • Level Playground Emotions Cards: There are so many ways to use these emotions cards with children. These cards will help children learn to recognise and regulate their own feelings and emotions, as well as learning to recognise and empathise with the emotions of others.






Made by Raffi

I Could Be, You Could Be

Two Mates

  • Writing a Letter: This activity will help your child feel closer to their friends that they are missing. If you don’t have a printer at home you you can just replicate the same style and hand write the template for them. Explain the process of sending a letter, pop the letter in an envelope and put a stamp on it. If you have a mailbox close by it would be great if you could go for a walk and post it together! 
  • Little J and Big Cuz computer games and activities: From games about picking bush animal tracks to learning about what belongs in the bush! Lots of fun to be had!




No Difference Between Us

  • YouTube clip reading of the book.
  • EYFS Lesson about ME: What makes you special? The early years expert from EYFS helps children understand and celebrate what makes them all special and unique. There are lots of activities part of this lesson. 
  • You can get your little one to make their own ‘All about me’ booklet using the below worksheets OR if you don’t have a printer you could use a feature like Paint on your device: 
      1. All About Me
      2. My Family

Bold Australian Girl

  • Aboriginal Colouring Pages with Yorta Yorta language: Elizabeth Morgan House have released a series of downloadable/printable images of plants and animals. Every image is presented with its name in the Yorta Yorta language. If you know any young people with connections to the Yorta Yorta nation, please forward this on. 

  • Little Yarns: ‘Little Yarns’ is a podcast for the entire family. ‘Little Yarns’ explores the different languages and stories from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mob around the country. Easy listening – each episode is less than 10 minutes.

  • You can print these colouring sheets or colour it online!
      1. Uluru Colouring Sheet: 
      2. Aboriginal Colouring sheets

Some Boys and Some Girls




Who am I? I am Me!

  • Level Playground Pancake Instruction Sheet: Make some pancakes with your little ones exactly like how Frankie does with Grandma! 
  • EYFS Lesson about ME: What makes you special? The early years expert from EYFS helps children understand and celebrate what makes them all special and unique. There are lots of activities part of this lesson. 
  • All About Me Booklet: Print this booklet off and let the little ones find out more about themselves!

Rosie Revere Engineer

Be Who You Are!



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